Who is your favourite boy from 1D?

subota, 24. ožujka 2012.

I will write some facts about each one of 1D boys. First, Harry...
-his full name is Harry Edward Styles
-his nickname is Hazza
-he was born on 1st February 1994
-his star sign is Aquarius
-he is from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England
-his height is 5'10'' (178 cm)
-his weight is 73 kg
-his shoe size is 10
-he attended Holmes Chapel High School, Crewe
-family: dad Des, mother Anne, sister Gemma
-his best friend is Louis Tomlinson
-he came up with the name One Direction
-he is single now
-his favourite food is
-his favourite sweet is Twix chocolate
-his favourite drink is apple juice
-his favourite bands are The Beatles and Queen
-his favourite computer game is Fifa
-his favourite movies are Love Actually, The Notebook and Titanic
-his favourite album is 21 by Adele
-his favourite colours are orange and pink
-his favourite shop is Selfridges
-his favourite TV show is Family Guy
-his favourite perfume is Alien by Theirry Mugler
-his favourite iPhone app is Texts from Last Night
-his favourite country is England
-his favourite restaurant is TGI Fridays
-his favourite aftershaves are Ck In 2U and Diesel Fuel For Life
-favourite grooming product: shampoo; L’Oreal Elvive
-his celeb crush is Frankie Sanford
-he has four nipples
-he used to have straight hair
-he has bad back
-he used to be in a band called White Eskimo
-he used to work in a bakery
-he speaks French too
-he can play kazoo and juggle
-he sang Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder on the X-Factor audition
-he is very romantic
-he likes to eat food from other people's plates
-the boys say he is the flirt one
-he is afraid of snakes
-he has really soft hands
-he talks in his sleep
-he met Louis in the toliet - he was admiring his hair in the mirror and then Louis came in -he likes tea better than coffee
-he would date a fan
-he is very ticklish
-he can knit
-he has got an iPhone 4 and a Blackberry
-he always sleeps naked, likes to be naked and always is getting naked
-likes: Laser Quest, Frankie from The Saturdays, impressing girls with his trademark curly locks
-dislikes: rollercoasters, olives, swearing
-most likely to: be the next Robbie Williams, say exactly what he thinks on live TV
-least likely to: straighten his hair -he doesn't like girls who smoke or cuss a lot
-he says he has Louis until he finds a perfect girl
-he hates when a girl calls herself ugly, he wants all the girls to know they're beautiful (...)

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