Who is your favourite boy from 1D?

petak, 30. ožujka 2012.


-his full name is Zayn (Zain) Javaad Malik
-he was born 12 January 1993, in St. Luke's Hospital
-he is from West Lane, Baildon, Bradford, England
-he has brown eyes and black hair
-his mother's name is Tricia and father's name is Yaser
-his mother is from England and his father is Pakistani
-he has three sisters: Doniya (20), Waliyha (13) and Safaa (9)
-he attended Lower Fields Primary School in East Bowling and Tong High School
-he changed his first two schools because he didn't fit in
-he is a muslim
-his star sign is Capricorn
-his shoe size is 8 and a half (42,5)
-he is 5' 9" (1.75 m) tall
-he weighs 68 kg – 150 lb
-he smokes, even though trying to quit
-pets: a dog Boris and two cats called Rolo and Tom
-he can't swim
-his favourite hobbie is drawing
-he is scared of height and dark
-he can play the triangle well
-his favourite colour is electric blue
-his favourite Pokemon is Oshawott
-his favourite shark is hammerhead
-his favourite book series is Harry Potter
-his favourite song is Thriller by Michael Jackson
-his favourite singers are Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown
-his favourite band is N'Sync
-his favourite aftershave is Unforgivable by Sean John
-his favourite movie is Scarface
-his favourite food is chicken
-his favourite drink is Kiran
-his favourite romantic songs:
-his favourite animal is lion
-his top 5 love songs:
1) Can You Help Me? - Usher
2) You got it bad – Usher
3) Superman – Robin Thicke
4) Can You Believe? – Robin Thicke
5) So Sick – Ne-Yo
-his favourite grooming product is hair wax
-his celeb crush is Megan Fox
-he thinks the best thing about him is fashion sense
-he is single
-his first concert ever was JLS
-he was a model, and his first job was a waiter at a family restaurant
-he has a habit of biting the inside of his bottom lip
-he likes girls with nice smile, long, brown hair, long legs, medium boobs and a good bum
-he has an iPhone 4 and a Blackberry
-he often sticks his tongue out
-Jay Sean once came to his school and Zayn sang for him
-he often repeats the words that other say by singing (he is the human echo)
-he has got four tattos
-he got his ears pierced for about 7 times
-he jokes that his favourite song is Barbie Girl
-he once threw the TV out the window at age 6
-he wrote his first love letter at age 8
-he likes when a girl talks nice
-his bad habit is being vain
-he is also scared of water
-his best friend from the band is Liam Payne

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