Who is your favourite boy from 1D?

nedjelja, 13. svibnja 2012.

1D in Australia pics
Sorry I've been away so long ;) It is time to write some Louis Tomlinson facts! So, here they are:
-his full name is Louis William Tomlinson "Lou" (when he was in high school everybody called him Lewis)
-he was born on Christmas Eve in 1991
-his star sign is Capricorn
-he was born in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England
-he is the oldest one of One Direction
-he has four sisters: Charlotte, Felicity and twins Daisy and Phoebe
-his mother's name is Johanna and father's name is Mark
-he has got blue eyes and light brown hair
-he has a pet - Ted the dog
-he is 174 cm – 5 ft 9 in tall
-he weighs 68 kg – 150 lb
-his shoe size is 10
-his best friend is Harry Styles (and Stan Lucas) *O*
-he once got suspended from school and had to retake the year 12
-he once pulled out a moonie to his teacher xD
-his favourite band: The Fray
-favourite song: Look After You by The Fray
-favourite aftershave: Hollister
-favourite grooming product: dry shampoo
-favourite movie: Forrest Gump
-favourite singer: Robbie Williams
-favourite colour: dark red
-favourite food: pizza
-top 5 favourite artists:
1) The Fray
2) James Morrison
3) Pink (“She’s so amazing – I love her music!”)
4) Adele (“Her last album was fantastic!”)
5) Katy Perry
-he can play the piano
-turn-ons: Fake glasses, fake tans
-turn-offs: PDAs, tattoos, farting and Cher Lloyd
-celeb crush: Natalie Portman
-first concert: Busted
-his biggest wish: to look back at his life one day and think how he had so much fun
-ideal superpower: to stay young forever
-hobbies: football, partying, tennis, hanging with friends
-he thinks the best thing about him is his sense of humor
-perfect girlfriend: the one who has a good sense of humor and selfe-confidence, is full of banter and also is kind-hearted
-he is dating Eleanor Calder
-his worst habit is biting his nails
-fears: getting old
-he loves carrots and olives
-he hates loud eating
-he has an iPhone 4 and a Blackberry
-he talks to animals
-he is the joker of the band
-he is a very loyal and faithful boyfriend

petak, 30. ožujka 2012.


-his full name is Zayn (Zain) Javaad Malik
-he was born 12 January 1993, in St. Luke's Hospital
-he is from West Lane, Baildon, Bradford, England
-he has brown eyes and black hair
-his mother's name is Tricia and father's name is Yaser
-his mother is from England and his father is Pakistani
-he has three sisters: Doniya (20), Waliyha (13) and Safaa (9)
-he attended Lower Fields Primary School in East Bowling and Tong High School
-he changed his first two schools because he didn't fit in
-he is a muslim
-his star sign is Capricorn
-his shoe size is 8 and a half (42,5)
-he is 5' 9" (1.75 m) tall
-he weighs 68 kg – 150 lb
-he smokes, even though trying to quit
-pets: a dog Boris and two cats called Rolo and Tom
-he can't swim
-his favourite hobbie is drawing
-he is scared of height and dark
-he can play the triangle well
-his favourite colour is electric blue
-his favourite Pokemon is Oshawott
-his favourite shark is hammerhead
-his favourite book series is Harry Potter
-his favourite song is Thriller by Michael Jackson
-his favourite singers are Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown
-his favourite band is N'Sync
-his favourite aftershave is Unforgivable by Sean John
-his favourite movie is Scarface
-his favourite food is chicken
-his favourite drink is Kiran
-his favourite romantic songs:
-his favourite animal is lion
-his top 5 love songs:
1) Can You Help Me? - Usher
2) You got it bad – Usher
3) Superman – Robin Thicke
4) Can You Believe? – Robin Thicke
5) So Sick – Ne-Yo
-his favourite grooming product is hair wax
-his celeb crush is Megan Fox
-he thinks the best thing about him is fashion sense
-he is single
-his first concert ever was JLS
-he was a model, and his first job was a waiter at a family restaurant
-he has a habit of biting the inside of his bottom lip
-he likes girls with nice smile, long, brown hair, long legs, medium boobs and a good bum
-he has an iPhone 4 and a Blackberry
-he often sticks his tongue out
-Jay Sean once came to his school and Zayn sang for him
-he often repeats the words that other say by singing (he is the human echo)
-he has got four tattos
-he got his ears pierced for about 7 times
-he jokes that his favourite song is Barbie Girl
-he once threw the TV out the window at age 6
-he wrote his first love letter at age 8
-he likes when a girl talks nice
-his bad habit is being vain
-he is also scared of water
-his best friend from the band is Liam Payne

ponedjeljak, 26. ožujka 2012.

-his full name is Liam James Payne
-ha was born on 29 August, 1993 in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England
-he was born three weeks early
-his star sign is Virgo
-his mother's name is Karen and father's Geoff
-he has two sisters, Ruth and Nicola
-he has only one kidney, the other one is scarred and disfunctional
-he attended Elston Hall primary school and St Peters Collegiate School in Wolverhampton
-he was a music technology student at City of Wolverhampton College
-if he wasn't in one Direction, he'd be a firefighter
-he can play the guitar and a little bit of piano
-he is 5'10'' (178 cm) tall
-his shoe size is 8
-he weighs 74 kg – 164 lb
-his eyes are brown and hair - dirty blonde
-he has a girlfriend, Danielle Peazer
-he was bullied at school
-he trained cross and boxing as a child
-he used to have 32 injections per a day to help cope with the pain as a child
-he will never have the same shape of his nose again, because he broke it at age 12
-he describes himself as the clumsy one
-he auditioned X-Factor in 2008 and then 2010
-he sang Cry Me A River at his second X-Factor audition
-first concert: Gareth Gates
-hobbey: basketball
-special skills: beatbox
-his favourite colour is purple
-his favourite animal is monkey
-his favourite aftershave is Paco Rabanne 1 Million
-his favourite to make you smile:
1) I don’t trust myself - John Mayer
2) I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
3) Thinking of me - Olly Murs
4) Who Let the dogs out? - Baha Men
5) Happy Birthday – (“Cos it makes everybody smile!”)
-his favourite song: Breakeven
-his favourite grooming product: hair wax
-his favourite movie: Click
-his favourite food: Chelsea Mcgill
-his favourite sweet: chocolate
-he loves Disney and everything about it
-he has a strange fear of spoons
-likes: aftershave, surprises, having a pint with his dad, singing in the shower
-dislikes: beside spoons (he used to have to drink jelly and cereal out of mugs): flying, nasty tweets
-phones: a Blackberry, iPod Touch, iPad
-celeb crush: Leona Lewis

nedjelja, 25. ožujka 2012.

-his full name is Niall James Horan
-he was born on 13 September 1993
-he is only 5'7'' tall
-his star sign is Virgo
-hometown: Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland
-he is left handed
-his natural hair colour is dark brown, but he bleached it
-he is a big Justin Bieber fan
-his shoe size is 8
-family: big brother Greg, mother Maura Gallagher and father Bobby Horan
-he is single
-his favourite songs ever are: Fly me to the moon – Frank Sinatra and Boys of Summer – Don Henley
-his favourite Justin Bieber songs are: U Smile and One Less Lonely Girl
-his favourite song used to be Viva La Vida by Coldplay
-favourite movies: Taken or Grease
-favourite colours: blue, green (he also likes green eyes)
-favourite food: Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Nandos
-favourite book series: Hunger game
-favourite singer: Justin Bieber, and also Michael Bublé
-favourite grooming product: L’oreal homme wax and clay
-favourite aftershave: Armani Mania
-favourite icecream: chocolate
-favourite animal: spider monkey
-he doesn't like rabbits
-he loves Barack Obama
-pet: Jess, the cat
-he loves eating and thinks he is fat
-only book he has ever read is "To Kill A Mockingbird"
-he farts a lot
-he can play the guitar
-his parents are divorced
-his best friends are Matt Cardle, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Harry
-his celeb crush is Cheryl Cole
-he likes shy girls
-he says he would date a fan as long as they don't "fangirl" in front of him
-he has an obsession with giraffes
-his favourite songs to get read to are:
1) I gotta feeling – The Black Eyed Peas 2) Everyday I’m Shuffling – LMFAO (“So bouncy!”) 3) I’m not Alone – Calvin Harris (“You can’t beat it!”) 4) Dynamite – Taio Cruz (“That’s a good one!”) 5) On the Floor – J-Lo
-likes: football, Cheryl Cole, Spanish girls with nice smiles
-dislikes: clowns, cheesychat-ups, going too long without food
-he swears a lot so he doesn't want to speak much in the interviews
-his fear is a bird flying inside of the room (he suffers from ornithophobia)
-he is afraid of clowns, too
-his favourite restaurant is Nandos

subota, 24. ožujka 2012.

I will write some facts about each one of 1D boys. First, Harry...
-his full name is Harry Edward Styles
-his nickname is Hazza
-he was born on 1st February 1994
-his star sign is Aquarius
-he is from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England
-his height is 5'10'' (178 cm)
-his weight is 73 kg
-his shoe size is 10
-he attended Holmes Chapel High School, Crewe
-family: dad Des, mother Anne, sister Gemma
-his best friend is Louis Tomlinson
-he came up with the name One Direction
-he is single now
-his favourite food is
-his favourite sweet is Twix chocolate
-his favourite drink is apple juice
-his favourite bands are The Beatles and Queen
-his favourite computer game is Fifa
-his favourite movies are Love Actually, The Notebook and Titanic
-his favourite album is 21 by Adele
-his favourite colours are orange and pink
-his favourite shop is Selfridges
-his favourite TV show is Family Guy
-his favourite perfume is Alien by Theirry Mugler
-his favourite iPhone app is Texts from Last Night
-his favourite country is England
-his favourite restaurant is TGI Fridays
-his favourite aftershaves are Ck In 2U and Diesel Fuel For Life
-favourite grooming product: shampoo; L’Oreal Elvive
-his celeb crush is Frankie Sanford
-he has four nipples
-he used to have straight hair
-he has bad back
-he used to be in a band called White Eskimo
-he used to work in a bakery
-he speaks French too
-he can play kazoo and juggle
-he sang Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder on the X-Factor audition
-he is very romantic
-he likes to eat food from other people's plates
-the boys say he is the flirt one
-he is afraid of snakes
-he has really soft hands
-he talks in his sleep
-he met Louis in the toliet - he was admiring his hair in the mirror and then Louis came in -he likes tea better than coffee
-he would date a fan
-he is very ticklish
-he can knit
-he has got an iPhone 4 and a Blackberry
-he always sleeps naked, likes to be naked and always is getting naked
-likes: Laser Quest, Frankie from The Saturdays, impressing girls with his trademark curly locks
-dislikes: rollercoasters, olives, swearing
-most likely to: be the next Robbie Williams, say exactly what he thinks on live TV
-least likely to: straighten his hair -he doesn't like girls who smoke or cuss a lot
-he says he has Louis until he finds a perfect girl
-he hates when a girl calls herself ugly, he wants all the girls to know they're beautiful (...)

četvrtak, 22. ožujka 2012.

As you know, One Direction is a popular boy band from Great Britain. Here are some facts about them:
- 1D consists of Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson.
- Louis is the oldest and the youngest is Harry.
- They got third place in the popular X-Factor UK.
- Their first single is called What Makes You Beautiful, and the first album - Up All Night.
- Their album is the debut album of a British group that has dawned in America at the top of the charts.
- All except Niall are from the UK, he is from Ireland.
- They became a band after a jury member X-Factor Nicole Scherzinger has proposed to them to make a group.
- 1D announced their United States tour in May this year.
These were some basic things about them, and the interesting things are following in the next post.