Who is your favourite boy from 1D?

nedjelja, 13. svibnja 2012.

Sorry I've been away so long ;) It is time to write some Louis Tomlinson facts! So, here they are:
-his full name is Louis William Tomlinson "Lou" (when he was in high school everybody called him Lewis)
-he was born on Christmas Eve in 1991
-his star sign is Capricorn
-he was born in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England
-he is the oldest one of One Direction
-he has four sisters: Charlotte, Felicity and twins Daisy and Phoebe
-his mother's name is Johanna and father's name is Mark
-he has got blue eyes and light brown hair
-he has a pet - Ted the dog
-he is 174 cm – 5 ft 9 in tall
-he weighs 68 kg – 150 lb
-his shoe size is 10
-his best friend is Harry Styles (and Stan Lucas) *O*
-he once got suspended from school and had to retake the year 12
-he once pulled out a moonie to his teacher xD
-his favourite band: The Fray
-favourite song: Look After You by The Fray
-favourite aftershave: Hollister
-favourite grooming product: dry shampoo
-favourite movie: Forrest Gump
-favourite singer: Robbie Williams
-favourite colour: dark red
-favourite food: pizza
-top 5 favourite artists:
1) The Fray
2) James Morrison
3) Pink (“She’s so amazing – I love her music!”)
4) Adele (“Her last album was fantastic!”)
5) Katy Perry
-he can play the piano
-turn-ons: Fake glasses, fake tans
-turn-offs: PDAs, tattoos, farting and Cher Lloyd
-celeb crush: Natalie Portman
-first concert: Busted
-his biggest wish: to look back at his life one day and think how he had so much fun
-ideal superpower: to stay young forever
-hobbies: football, partying, tennis, hanging with friends
-he thinks the best thing about him is his sense of humor
-perfect girlfriend: the one who has a good sense of humor and selfe-confidence, is full of banter and also is kind-hearted
-he is dating Eleanor Calder
-his worst habit is biting his nails
-fears: getting old
-he loves carrots and olives
-he hates loud eating
-he has an iPhone 4 and a Blackberry
-he talks to animals
-he is the joker of the band
-he is a very loyal and faithful boyfriend

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